Identifying Your University

Did you know that there are over 1000's of colleges and universities in USA, UK, Canada and Australia? Choosing the right universities to apply to can be a difficult task as it involves matching your grades to the exact entry requirements of the school, choosing a location that is ideal for you, and making sure the fees matches your budget. Add to this the problem of choosing the right course content that will jumpstart your career, and we have the kind of search problem that can keep you occupied on Google for a while, trying different keywords!

At VASA Student Services we have over 10 years of experience in sending students abroad, and we can assist you in short-listing the right universities.

We can help you find your dream university

Benefits of using our online service

Get help in choosing your universities

We suggest appropriate location to suit your requirements

We check rankings based on your achievements

We check the appropriateness of courses content

Universities to match your budget

Benefits of using VASA Student Services

Access from anywhere

Expert counselors

Counselors on demand

Book appointment according to your convenience

Cost effective

Saves time

* If you are applying to any one of the universities which VASA Student Services or its partners represent, then our services will be free of charge to you. Incase if you have already paid for the service you can claim a refund.